Below, we provide you with the access to previous editions of the International Bioetics Conference.

Jérôme Lejeune and the challenges of Bioethics in the 21st century

The 2nd International Bioethics Conference analyzed contemporary bioethical challenges to ensure the respect of human dignity at all stages of life and will gather prominent experts from the international scientific community to discuss current topics such as neuroscience, prenatal diagnosis, gene editing, transhumanism, assisted reproductive techniques, euthanasia, and gender dysphoria, with a scientific, rational and ethical approach.

May 17th and 18th, 2024

Humanae Vitae: The Boldness of an Encyclical on Sexuality

This 1st International Bioethics Conference targeted to at young people, married couples, educators, priests, doctors, professors, theologians and others who wish to rediscover this prophetic call in favor of the dignity of love and human life. To address the challenges of the contemporary world, with testimonies from spouses and doctors, the Conference was an opportunity to discover the boldness of this reference text, a true bulwark against the manipulation of human life and an invitation to embrace life.

May, 19th and 20, 2023